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This Day in Gay Utah History AUGUST 14th

August 14th

1886-Dr Randolph Winslow wrote of an "epidemic of gonorrhea contracted through rectal coition" at a boys reform school near Baltimore. The outbreak lasted from 1883-1885 and was brought under control by keeping a strict watch on the boys and inflicting severe corporeal punishment on anyone caught in the act.

Pyotr Tchaikovsky
1892-Composer Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky wrote to Bob Davidov, "It had to be this little incident which made me feel again how strong my love for you is. Oh God! How I want to see you!"

1920-In Germany, the Community of the Special publication included an article called "Uranians of the World Unite!" which urged the formation of a worldwide homosexual organization.  Uranian was the prefered word for homosexuals.

1964 A Salt Lake Tribune editorial was written against a Salt Lake City ordinance stating that all employees of Salt Lake clubs or restaurants that serve beer must be fingerprinted and furnish photographs for the police department.

1966 Most Despicable: Guard Against Child Molesters “Its better to have your child thoroughly frightened about potential molest than to have him or her become a victim, ” stated a Salt Lake police officer when warning parents to tell children about the dangers of child molestation. Salt Lake Tribune

1969 Thursday “Relating” was to become the goal of Gay Liberation Front activists. Relating
Jim Owles
not simply in critiques that followed protest excursions, but relating woman to woman, man to man, and man to woman whenever members got together. GLFers sought self discovery in encounter groups.  Encounter groups were tough to take. Gay activists Jim Owles contends that “in GFL there was a great deal of love and understanding at the beginning. And then all of a sudden it got into these encounter groups…which were not really meant to further love and understanding but were used as weapons against political deviates… They would get into sessions where you would tell them what was bothering you, talk about yourself, and this in turn would be used against you.”  Marty Robinson said, “they’d turn on you and say, ”well, you’re kind of pushy, so if you’re an honest person, you might examine yourself to see if you’re really interested in self improvement.’ Then they’d get you to a point where you were ineffectual and non-aggressive.”

1974-After a three-year battle, Gay Community Services Center Los Angeles won tax-exempt status.

1977- Norman Is That You?” featuring comediennes Redd Fox and Pearl Bailey who discovered their son Norman is Gay played at Mid Town Trolley  at 2:00 a.m. for the Gay Community with the help of Steve Barker night manager.

1979- Undeterred by the violence directed at the MCC-SLC, three members of the Metropolitan Community Church of SLC attended the 10th Anniversary General Conference of the Universal Fellowship of the Metropolitan Community Churches.

Mel Boozer 1946-1987
1980-  Mel Boozer was nominated in 1980 for the office of Vice President of the United States by the Socialist Party USA  and, by petition at the convention, by the Democratic Party. He was the first openly Gay person ever nominated for the office.  Boozer spoke to the Democratic convention in a speech televised in prime time, calling on the party to support equality for LGBT people. "Would you ask me how I dare to compare the civil rights struggle with the struggle for lesbian and gay rights? I can compare them and I do compare them, because I know what it means to be called a 'nigger' and I know what it means to be called a 'faggot,' and I understand the differences in the marrow of my bones. And I can sum up that difference in one word: none."Boozer received 49 votes before the balloting was suspended and then-Vice President Walter Mondale was re-nominated by acclamation. In 1981, Boozer was hired by the National Gay Task Force as district director and a lobbyist. NGTF executive director Virginia Apuzzo fired him in 1983,replacing him with then-GAA president Jeff Levi.This had the effect of "leav[ing] the nation's oldest gay organization even whiter"and drew protests from other gay African Americans. Boozer died of an AIDS-related illness in March 1987 at the age of 41 in Washington, D.C. 
  • -Gwen Craig, a delegate at the Democratic National Convention, carried a sign which read "Black Lesbian Feminist."

1984- The 2nd attempt at created a Gay community center was The Utah Community Services Center and Clinic which was incorporated with the Lt. Governor’s Office for the State of Utah

1985-Los Angeles banned discrimination against people with AIDS in employment, housing, education, and health care. It was the first US city to do so.

Falcon Flight 
1986- Wasatch Leathermen Motorcycle Club hosted the 2nd Three day Annual Falcon Flight `86 held in the Uintah Mountains. Wasatch Leathermen Motorcycle Club (WLMC) According to an article written by Greenie for her colors project that was written for the leather archives back in 1998 or 1999, the Wasatch Leathermen Motorcycle Club was a gay male SM motorcycle club that was founded by ten original members. The organization consisted of a 1st Master, a 2nd Master and a 3rd Master. These titles were similar to what groups would call an organization hierarchy such as a presidency. There was a Pledge Master responsible for new recruits, a Record Master responsible for various secretarial duties and a Bond Master responsible for funds and treasury type duties. Membership was limited to only 15 Members at one time, but there were associate memberships available with no number limitations. The Wasatch Leathermen hosted a motorcycle run starting in 1985 called the Falcon Flight. They would ride up Wolf Pass, Utah, which is 10,000 feet in elevation. The Club Colors were designed by a cartoonist named Greg G[Garcia], who was the 2nd Master of the Club and also a founding member. The six sides of the colors signify: Brotherhood, Harmony, Leather, Discipline, Pride, and Charity. If a member left the Club, they were required to return their member patch to the club.

  • EDITORS NOTES - The information herein has been compiled in 2002 and 2003 by Ronnie N from myriad information sources and many of the past and current members of the Salt Lake Leather Community by way of emails, questionaires, and personal interviews. All items included in this archive were donated by members of the Salt Lake Leather Community for the purposes of preserving the record of our local leather history. Ronnie donated three Items from the Wasatch Leathermen's Motorcycle Club: (1) A Falcon Fight T-shirt from one of the runs they hosted, (2) A Club Pin, (3) A book of matches from one of the Falcon Fight motorcycle runs. She has also donated a Power Play t-shirt, a Journeyman III t-shirt, one pin each from the Wasatch Leathermen's Association and the Wasatch Women of Leather connected together, a Wasatch Women of Leather Club Patch, a flyer from the first leather weekend produced by the Rocky Mountain Dragons and the Wasatch Leathermen Motorcycle club featuring the Mr/Ms Utah Leather contest, along with a blank form that the contestants had to fill out in order to compete in the contest (not pictured), a flyer for the Wasatch Women of Leather and the Wasatch Leathermen's Association Club Blue legal fund raiser (not pictured), and a copy of the first original flyer for Wasatch Women of Leather (which at that time had not been named yet) that was placed at the Gay and Lesbian Community Center introducing the group (not pictured). Christopher donated two of the original UPEX club patches and a bound copy of the UPEX by-laws (not pictured). An anonymous member of the Wasatch Leathermen's Association donated the Wasatch Leathermen's Association uniform shirt. Jodi donated the printing of a new banner for the Wasatch Women of Leather so that the original could be sent to the archives (not pictured). Also, much thanks must be given to Lady Athena for spellchecking and grammatical corrections throughout this document.

1987 The Wasatch Leathermen Motorcycle Club hosted the 3rd annual three day Falcon Flight held in the Uintah Mountains.

1989 Gary Spanogle-one time Utahn and AIDS activist died of pneumocystic pneumonia in Bakersfield, California. He turned 50 in March and was one of the first HIV positive people in the country to appear on a nationally televised talk show (The Phil Donahue Show) in the mid 1980's. A one time employee of the Sun Tavern and a professional dancer who worked for both Arthur Murray and Fred Astaire. Spanogle fought AIDS discrimination by appearing in local news programs, through letter writing campaigns and in a precedent setting case, by fighting in the court system of Bakersfield,California for the ARC status to be defined as a disability under the law. He was a member of the AIDS Project Utah and Bakersfield, Task Force. (Triangle Sept 1989)

1994 Multiply and Replenish Mormon Essays on Sex and Family reviewed: Edited by Brent

Connell aka Rocky O'Donovan 
Corcoran; Rocky O'Donovan's ``The Abominable and Detestable “Crime Against Nature”: A Brief History of Homosexuality and Mormonism, 1840-1980,'' uses the floridly excessive language of the 19th century as an ironic comment on his research that chronicles the prevalence of gay and lesbian relationships among early Mormons. At the outset, O'Donovan concedes that while academically trained as a historian, he ``[does] not subscribe to the theory of academic objectivity.'' Once a returned Mormon missionary, ``I was later officially excommunicated . . . for my stance in opposing the oppression of Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual people.'' For gays, O'Donovan understates, to heterosexually ``multiply and replenish'' is ``not a realistic imperative.'' Salt Lake Tribune 08/14/94  Page: D5

1997-Members of the American Psychological Association voted to limit attempts to cure
Charles Socarides
homosexuality and agreed to require the reading of a statement to Gay patients affirming that being Gay is normal and healthy. Charles Socarides, president of the National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality, said it was an attempt to brainwash people, and called homosexuality a purple menace which threatens proper gender distinction. (His openly Gay son, Richard Socarides, was the White House liaison to the Gay community.)

1997- After an 18-year-old man offered Qassim Ali Al-Raheemi a ride home, the Iraqi man, brandishing a utility knife, forced the victim into his apartment, where he tried to fondle and kiss him. The victim was cut twice on the hand as he pushed Al-Raheemi away. The man fled and called police. [Salt Lake Tribune]
  • MORE SEX CHARGES  A 45-year-old man already in jail on sex charges was charged
    Qassim Ali Al-Raheemi
    Wednesday with forcible sodomy and sexual abuse for allegedly attempting to force two men to have sex. On Aug. 6, Qassim Ali Al-Raheemi grabbed a man from behind as he was walking by 135 S. State St., police said. Al-Raheemi purportedly dragged the man to a parking lot, forced him to the ground and pulled down the man's pants. The victim managed to escape. Salt Lake Tribune B2 29 August 1997
  • Attacker Gets Up to 30 Years For Trying to Rape 3 Men; Attacker Faces Up to 30 Years in Prison by STEPHEN HUNT Salt Lake Tribune February 5, 1998 An Iraqi man who sought political asylum in the United States from Saddam Hussein's regime went to prison for up to 30 years Wednesday for attempting to rape several men during separate attacks in Salt Lake City. Qassim Ali Al-Raheemi, 46, was charged with attacking three men in August 1997 -- one outside a Salt Lake City bar and two others inside his apartment. He cut one victim with a knife.

1999 Jim Dabakis, owner of Club Axis stated in a Salt Lake Tribune Article, "I'm offering a
Jim Dabakis
$10,000 reward to the person who stole the safe with all the money in it. All they have to do is come forward and tell us who they are." About $26,000 in receipts after the club were stolen in July and when Dabakis told his insurance agent about the theft, he learned, that his insurance policy did not cover the theft and he also found out he was woefully underinsured. So he upped the coverage and after a tornado bore down on Salt Lake City and the building was left in shambles, the loss of $26,000 seemed almost providential. "We've got to be the happiest people on the planet," Dabakis said. Insurance agent Paul Allsop, who wrote the policy on the club, said he never had seen a claim as big as the one for the Axis. And he could not remember anyone changing a policy at a luckier time.

14 August 2000 UTAH - BOUNTIFUL HAS A GAY/STRAIGHT ALLIANCE, BUT NO CONTROVERSY Deseret News,Davis sidesteps Gay-club controversy By Maria Titze, Deseret News staff writer It has a student club policy. It has a Gay-straight alliance. So why isn't the Davis School District embroiled in controversy?  Earlier this month, the school board quietly passed a rule for the authorization of school clubs. There was no public comment and little discussion among board members through the course of three public meetings.  "It's been pretty much a non-issue, and I don't really know why," said district policy specialist Ross Poore. The rule closely follows guidelines approved in 1997 by the State Board of Education. Non-curricular clubs must be student-directed, supervised or monitored by a school employee and may not advocate sexual activity outside of marriage or engage in mental health counseling. "There was nothing that triggered (the creation of the district policy)," said board president Barbara Smith. "We just try to review our policies every two years." District officials say the policy is in no way a response to the formation of a Gay-straight alliance at Bountiful High School last year” an equally quiet occurrence. Trent Romijn, who graduated from Bountiful High in June, said he and his friends met during lunch and considered forming a club. Romijn knew members of the Gay-straight alliance at East High School in Salt Lake City. "But I wondered how many people (here) would want to do it," he said. He was surprised when fellow students approached him with enthusiasm. "It seemed the more (we) talked about it, the more we wanted to do (a club)." Romijn said he and his friends weren't looking to "cause any problems." They approached student body officers about forming the Gay-Straight Alliance of Davis County. "They told us there was no way it would get past the principal like that, so we changed the name," he said. They borrowed the Latin phrase, "e pluribus unum," and prepared to make a formal proposal for the club. Principal Rulon Homer said he never heard about the club directly from

students. "A couple of my teachers . . . indicated that (the students) were interested in doing it," he said Homer, now the principal at Davis High School, said he was first officially contacted about the club by the local chapter of the Gay, Lesbian Student Education Network, or GLSEN, a nonprofit organization that sponsors Gay-straight alliances around the country. "They came to me along with a couple of teachers at East High and said there were a number of students at Bountiful High who were interested in forming a club," he said. Homer told them the district didn't have a school club policy yet but that if everyone followed the school constitution and state guidelines, it "would not be a big issue." And it wasn't, primarily because GLSEN was considered by the school to be the club's sponsor from the beginning, according to Michelle Beus, the Davis district's legal issues specialist. "Because they had an outside person sponsor the club, rather than students" they couldn't be recognized as a school club, Beus said. As a community group, however, they were allowed to rent space in the school building which they did twice before the end of the school year. Romijn was surprised to hear that the club's existence hinged on a question of sponsorship. He said he doesn't see GLSEN as the club's sponsor, even though it pays the club's building rental fee. "They just helped us get in there," he said "They help us, but they're not our sponsor." Romijn said the club has now attracted students from Davis and Viewmont high schools and boasts a membership of about 25. He intends to be the club's "supervisor" next year but hasn't yet approached the new principal at Bountiful High about the club's status and its use of the school building.
2000 The Salt Lake Tribune Yes, There Are Democrats From Utah By Greg Burton With no looming platform fights, but sagging in the polls, Democrats gather in Los Angeles this week hoping to rev up the troops -- even Utahns, who haven't sided with a Democratic president since Lyndon Baines Johnson. Where better than in Hollywood? "We can still hope," says Todd Taylor, executive director of the Utah Democratic Committee. "It's a long way to November and at this point I'm not willing to concede anything." If fact, Utah Democrats are encouraged by Vice President Al Gore's selection of Sen. Joseph Lieberman of Connecticut, a moderate running mate and fearless morals crusader who has attacked Hollywood for promoting violence and chastised President Clinton for having extramarital sex in the Oval Office. That's just the sort of pious lip service that resonates with Utahns of all political stripes, Taylor says. "The choice was inspired," he says. "It was genuinely surprising, but an excellent surprise."  Aside from Lieberman, Democrats have assembled a familiar list of speakers this week, beginning with the Clintons on Monday, a couple of Kennedys, New Jersey Sen. Bill Bradley and the Rev. Jesse Jackson on Tuesday, Lieberman on Wednesday and the Gores on Thursday. Among the delegates are 33 Utahns, including four alternates. Of the 29 who will cast votes, there are 15 women, 14 men, one American Indian, one African-American, two Latinos, two gay men and a lesbian. Nobody from Utah is scheduled to speak, although San Juan County delegate Mark Maryboy has asked to present a resolution from the Navajo Nation Tribal Council condemning recent moves in some states to abolish tribal sovereignty. And while Laurie Noda, a Utah assistant attorney general, is on the convention's platform committee, no fights are expected over proposed language in the party's mission statement. Other delegates to the Democratic  Convention are:  Lisa Ashman, administrator; Fae Beck, homemaker; Trisha Beck, legislator and travel agent; Jacki Biskupski, legislator and insurance agent; Kelly Ann Booth, health-care worker; Michael Dunfield, businessman; Donald Dunn, congressional candidate; Nick Floros, county worker; Andy Gallegos, UTA marketing manager; Ken Gardner, Utah AFL-CIO; Neil Hansen, legislator and heavy equipment operator; Dana Senit Henry, retired judge; Jim Humlicek, director of the Farm Service Agency; Rod Julander, professor; Meghan Zanolli Holbrook, state party chair; David Jones, legislator; Russell Kennedy, campaign manager for S.L. County mayor candidate Karen Crompton; Mark Maryboy, San Juan County Commissioner; Ed Mayne, legislator and AFL-CIO president; Karen Mayne, teachers'
David Thometz
assistant; Julie McAdams, student; David Nelson, U. of U. Credit Union marketing manager; Laurie Noda, attorney; Bill Orton, gubernatorial nominee; Dan Peay, mechanic; Jill Sheinberg, mediator; Sherrie Swensen, S.L. County clerk; David Thometz, graphic designer; Jeanetta Williams, president of NAACP; Beverly White, Corrections officer; Debbie White, Granite Education Association; Nancy Jane Woodside, Utah County Democratic Party chair; David Yocom, S.L. County district attorney.

2002 Chad Keller to Donna Maldondo: Subject Leadership Forum: Dear Donna,  First I want to congratulate KRCL on its outstanding presence in Salt Lake, and Utah.  Wow!  It is a diverse savior on long days at work! Todd Daley, publisher of the Pillar and I extend an invitation to you to participate in the Pillar's G/L/B/T Community Leadership Forum. I have attached the press release from the August Pillar to provide to you information. We will also be announcing another group for the business community that you may also find interesting as a prominent local non profit. Our purpose is to help the many G/L/B/T organizations get training, and to help them grow and flourish.  KRCL would be a great partner in this much needed G/L/B/T community organization/service.  We will be meeting again September 12, 2002 7:30 at Angles coffee shop located at 544 West 200 South (in the ArtSpace Bridge Project)  Meetings by design are limited to 1.5 hours.  Most important its free and we try to make it Fun! Also, I would like to schedule an appointment with you to discuss the possibility of a once a week on air G/L/B/T community calendar.  We see this as a great incentive for the members of, or to regularly attend the G/L/B/T Community Forum.  We would be happy to seek a donor to pay expenses, and attend any training that you might require.  I think you will find the concept very beneficial to your G/L/B/T listeners.  Of course we would see that it was most beneficial to KRCL with out any burden.  I would be happy to meet with you when ever you have time.  Coffee and cake will be on me!!  Thanks! Chad Keller  Facilitator G/L/B/T Community Leadership Forum The Pillar 

2002 Chad Keller to Diane Hartz Warsoff Subject Community Service Day : Diane We are approaching the second annual GLBT Community Service Day, hosted by the Pillar.  The service day at this point is tentatively scheduled for October 12.  This year many GLBT organizations would like to really get in to the spirit of the Day by doing a community service project of their own.  As the Pillar is the coordinator and the biggest community sponsor of the service day we would like to be able to suggest organizations that a group could come and volunteer some time or assist in some manner though service beginning the weekend before and the week leading to the big project at Memory Grove. Do you have any suggestion or know of groups in your nonprofit group that could use up to 5 hours of service that would not normally have a large volunteer base from the GLBT community? Any info will be appreciated Thanks! Chad Keller
  • Diane Hartz Warsoff to Chad Keller Subject Community Service Projects:  Chad- I am a little confused. Who is the Pillar, and what is the project at Memory Grove? Also, what kind of service projects are you looking for? I could think of various things you could do, but I need more information on purpose, etc. please advise- Diane.
  • Chad Keller to Diane Hartz Warsoff Subject Memory Grove Clean Up Project:  The Pillar is the local Gay and Lesbian Paper. Memory Grove Clean Up was the first clean up project the GLBT Community Service Project took on.  It resulted in the monuments being adopted by GLBT organizations.  We felt that as Memory Grove has a history with the community it was appropriate to spend another day up there as there is still much work to be done on hiking trails to City Creek and up to the Avenues.  Plus it would let the adopting organizations get some great help in keeping their commitment to the City and the Memory Grove Foundation. We would like to see individual groups get out and do one thing on their own. But we want to make suggestions and guide them to organizations that will be appreciative of the help, and won’t have too much of a problem with the diversity of the volunteers.  I have found that we have to be careful where we send people on large public projects like this.  Not only for some safety factors but so that the entire GLBT community gets excited and gets out to participate.  You know how this enjoinment can be at time when dealing with my community. Things that will get exposure, but not enough to spark the Eagle Forum too much. The Purpose of the day, and of the combine individual projects are to give a week of 1) exposure for the diversity of  volunteerism 2) Get Local GLBT organizations interested in volunteering outside the GLBT community.  3) Educate not only the GLBT community but the mainstream community on issues that face all of us.  4) Combined Civic Pride with the GLBT community and Other organizations. Hope that helps.
  • Diane Hartz Warsoff to Chad Keller One nonprofit that immediately comes to mind is TreeUtah. They are always looking for volunteers to plant trees in various locations throughout the state, and it is a wonderful group project. I have done it several times myself, and it is great! Meryl Redisch is the Executive Director and her number is 364-2122. Another place to look is at the SL County website, they have a volunteer opportunity "bank" which may provide ideas that could help. Another place could be Habitat for Humanity, but the Christian component of the organization could be problematic (maybe, maybe not...). Stella Allen is the Ed in SLC and Yasamina Roque (an alternate thinker for sure) is the ED in Summit County... Let me know if this helps. Diane

Willy Marshall
2004 Utah Stonewall Historical Society Community Forum-“Strange as it may seem, the little polygamous founded town of Big Water has the only openly Gay mayor to my knowledge in the Western States. Willy Marshall, a native of Bountiful, is a member of the Libertarian party and in the late 1980's or early 1990's converted the community founded by Alex Joseph to Libertarian principles.  Big Water is north of Page, AZ near Glen Canyon Dam, just inside the Utah border.-{Ben Williams] –
  • “A big Howdy and hugs to Ben and everybody at USHS, Yep, strange but true. I hope to get up to SL sometime when you are having a meeting. I don't mind small town life so much, but I do miss being around gay people! So I get out of town as often as I can to go to SL or Phoenix or anywhere! A reporter was here from the SL Tribune yesterday and is going to do a story on me and the town, so watch for that in the Trib within the next week. Actually, I'm not the only gay mayor that I've heard of in the West, but I haven't met any of the others yet. The recent mayor of Tempe AZ was openly gay, named Giuliano, I think. He didn't run for re-election. And I've heard the mayor of the little town of Mancos, in southwestern Colorado, is gay, but I haven't been over there to meet him yet. [Willy Marshall]- 
  • “In the "western states"??!? California, Oregon, and Washington have several LGBT mayors, including my own town of Santa Cruz; our mayor is a very out bisexual woman. John Laird, who lives two blocks from me, was the first openly gay person to be elected mayor in the US, here in Santa Cruz in the early 80s. John is now in the House of Representatives, doing a great job fighting for Queer rights. And he's about the nicest, most honest person I've ever met! [Connell O’Donovan] 
  • “By Western states I meant the Desert and Mountain States as in the old Desert and Mountain Conference: Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Idaho and Utah. I believe Oregon Washington and California are considered as part of the Pacific Conference. Thanks Willy for clarifying that there are indeed more than just you! [Ben Williams]

Gail Turpin
2010 Judge has it right Salt Lake tribune I read U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker’s ruling on the constitutionality of Proposition 8. If it is overturned, I will be curious to see how that occurs, because of Walker’s impeccable reasoning and solid basis in constitutional law. To quote Walker: “Moral disapproval alone is an improper basis on which to deny rights to gay men and lesbians. The evidence shows conclusively that Proposition 8 enacts, without reason, a private moral view that same-sex couples are inferior to opposite-sex couples. [In Romer v. Evans, the Supreme Court found that] ‘laws of the kind now before us raise the inevitable inference that the disadvantage imposed is born of animosity toward the class of persons affected.’) “Because Proposition 8 disadvantages gays and lesbians without any rational justification, Proposition 8 violates the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment.” It took a long time for blacks to gain their human rights, and some would be happy to take them away again through a vote or other means.  Here is the beauty of our system when it works. The Constitution really can throw a protective arm around any of us at any time. We ought to be in awe of that. Gail Turpin Salt Lake City

2013 Restore Our Humanity received the State's and the Counties' response to our lawsuit. They are both available on our website.

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